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Spring Pollen Protection Guidelines

Though the wintry weather finally transitioned to mild breezes and sunshine, another nuisance arises to succeed dastardly road salts: pollen. This problematic consequence of springtime triggers more damage than most likely expect. The microbes of pollen are not only viscous and barbed, they are also acidic. These properties can ruin a vehicle’s paint, as well […]

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Tips for a Clean and Tidy Garage

When driving your Honda Odyssey, the cleanliness and organization of the garage can make the difference between being able to park inside or leaving your vehicle out in the rain. We at AutoPark Honda think that it is important to impart some of our knowledge amassed from years in the auto industry that will keep […]

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Worried about Your Windshield in Winter Weather?

It is that time of year! The holiday season is in full swing, including winter weather: familiar jingles, colorful lights, crackling fireplaces, friendly faces – oh, and frosted windshields. Falling temperatures have car owners scouring the Internet for methods to prevent or remove icing from windshields. We spoke with our service department experts to compile […]

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