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3630 Old Raleigh Road

The headline of our blog today may not have much relevance for you yet. Later today, 3630 Old Raleigh Road will have so much more significance for you and thousands of other Triangle residents. That’s correct: even though we may be based in Cary, our dedicated staff of Honda-thusiasts are happy to welcome consumers from […]

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Enjoy a Supersonic Story of Andy Green

One of the most commendable – and sometimes destructive – qualities of human beings is ambition. We all have a natural inclination toward a subject or idea or industry; it compels us to employ imagination, work harder, and take risks so that we may reach current goals and set new ones. Andy Green has a […]

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Honda’s Ads Are As Innovative As Its Vehicles

If you ask Don Draper – following a mid-morning drink, of course – what the purpose of advertising is, he’d likely finish a drag on his cigarette before answering in his curt manner: emotional. Regardless of the means of presentation, an advertisement should evoke a strong feeling. Some brands want to inspire confidence, instill desire, […]

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The Hilarious, Satirical “Fit Kit” from Honda

Honda followed up its #hugs commercial starring Bruce Willis with an April Fool’s ad that easily rivals it. It was “Honda Hair” advertisement that the Japanese automaker posted online last year for April Fool’s Day. This year, you can relish Honda’s satirical look at do-it-yourself hipsters – moustached, skinny-jeaned, and all. The “Fit Kit” features […]

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