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Honda Has Skeletor Fun With Twitter On Cyber Monday

Everyone thought they had it figured out. Thanksgiving Thursday. Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. No one cares Sunday. Cyber Monday. What people probably weren’t ready for was Skeletor, a 1980s comic book and cartoon villain in the He-Man universe, showing up on Honda’s Twitter feed and raining down tweets like it was his job. @honda […]

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Was Honda’s OK Go Video Real? Absolutely. Here’s Why

If you’ve been on the Internet this week, you’ve probably seen a lot of links about an incredible single-take music video featuring a band named OK Go. Courtesy of Honda’s UNI-CUB personal mobility vehicles, about 2,400 trained dancers, and an astonishingly mobile flying camera, everyone seems to love this video for “I Won’t Let You […]

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Hop in a Honda for an American Road Trip

The American road trip is something that fewer people seem to value. It was once a keystone to family life: climb in the car, complain, see the sights (sans appreciation from the teenager), and arrive at the destination. Rinse and repeat. Okay, so we broke it down into a crude, rudimentary explanation, but if you’ve […]

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