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Honda Appoints New CEO, Begins New Era of Leadership

In a somewhat unusual move, Honda’s President and CEO resigned last week. Takanobu Ito had held those positions since 2009. Most Honda CEOs hold office between five and eight years, so his six were normal. Even more curious is his replacement. Takahiro Hachigo is not a top-level executive. He has worked for Honda his whole […]

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Honda Proves Its the Best Brand for Families

It’s that time of year again. The commercials even began two weeks ago, offering sales for back-to-school necessities. In a few weeks, life will be consumed by homework, report cards, projects, and extracurricular activities – maybe even continuing that part-time job picked up over the summer break. With all of the commotion throughout the academic […]

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Hop in a Honda for an American Road Trip

The American road trip is something that fewer people seem to value. It was once a keystone to family life: climb in the car, complain, see the sights (sans appreciation from the teenager), and arrive at the destination. Rinse and repeat. Okay, so we broke it down into a crude, rudimentary explanation, but if you’ve […]

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Tips for Safe, Effective Car Detailing

With Memorial Day weekend now behind us, it seems the only major event remaining to herald the summer season is high school graduation. In just a few weeks, thousands of Raleigh’s young adults will toss their caps in the air and excitedly welcome the next chapter of their lives. Some of them may even enjoy […]

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U.S. News Releases Best Cars for Families

We live in an age where vehicles have vacuums, high-definition displays, satellite television, surround sound systems, refrigerated spaces, and WiFi access. All of these creature comforts are touted to entice consumers to buy a particular brand and model. This underlines the amount of time that we spend in vehicles, considering all of the features and […]

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