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Archive | December, 2016

2017 Honda fit

3 Non-Hybrid Hondas With Great Gas Mileage

So you don’t want to invest in a hybrid, but you really hate paying an arm and a leg at the pump? Well, luckily for you, in addition to the phenomenal hybrids Honda crafts, the automaker produces several other fuel-efficient vehicles that aim to save you time and money while you rush around checking off tasks […]

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Which 2017 Accord Fits Your Lifestyle Best?

When deciding on your next vehicle, spend some time considering all the ways you can customize a Honda Accord. Regardless of your lifestyle, purchasing a well-known vehicle that keeps its resale value is a wise decision. Browse the many options and get the perfect fit! The Sporty Entrepreneur The Accord Coupe demands attention. From its aggressive grille […]

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4 Reasons to Never Warm up Your Car in Winter

Warming up a car started as a necessary evil, but 21st century versions don’t require that effort. In fact, letting a car idle actually reduces its lifespan as well as wastes fuel and takes longer than turning it on and backing out of the driveway. Vehicles Resemble Humans Humans need to warm up their bodies before […]

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