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Archive | November, 2014

Honda Pulls Back Curtain On Hydrogen Car In Japan

In the latest development of the car of the future, Honda asks, “What if we made it swirly and stuff?” Hence the futuristic design shown in Japan yesterday of the newest version of Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Hydrogen is a contender for the fuel source of the future. Much cleaner than gasoline, its only […]

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Honda Ups Its 2015 CR-Z Game With Supercharger, Hybrid

In terms of sporty driving, the CR-Z exists on the highest tower of Honda’s horsepower mountain. Its philosophy is that small, light cars have an intrinsic core of fun that foregoes big, heavy engines in favor of efficiency and ultra-low emissions. A pair of announcements within the past four weeks offer two branches of the […]

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Wow. This Honda Civic Type R Ad Is Awesome

Honda has a golden YouTube touch lately. Their latest video offering is something we haven’t quite seen before. Honda wanted to create a video that showed dual nature of the Civic: the standard, suburban, dependable Civic that we know very well, and the aggressive, risk-taking, darker side exemplified in the new Type R. To help […]

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