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Wow. This Honda Civic Type R Ad Is Awesome

Honda has a golden YouTube touch lately. Their latest video offering is something we haven’t quite seen before. Honda wanted to create a video that showed dual nature of the Civic: the standard, suburban, dependable Civic that we know very well, and the aggressive, risk-taking, darker side exemplified in the new Type R.

To help them visualize this, their creative agency created two videos seamlessly merged into one. But the twist is that you, the viewer, can switch between the two video with just the press of button, the letter “R” on your keyboard.

The driver is the same in both videos, but everything else changes when you press and hold the R button: the time of day, the car’s passengers, the music, the story, the ambience, even the car itself. It’s a cool way to contrast the inner monologue that we have while driving with the outer reality that everyone else can see. Switching between the two stories is pretty entertaining, and kudos should go to Honda for making learning about the Civic so fun.

Once you’re properly excited, head over from Raleigh to Autopark Honda to test drive a Civic—or should it be two?—for yourself.

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