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Honda Appoints New CEO, Begins New Era of Leadership

In a somewhat unusual move, Honda’s President and CEO resigned last week. Takanobu Ito had held those positions since 2009. Most Honda CEOs hold office between five and eight years, so his six were normal. Even more curious is his replacement. Takahiro Hachigo is not a top-level executive. He has worked for Honda his whole […]

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Study: Collisions Persist Because Drivers Are Overconfident

We like to leave you laughing, preferably from jokes and some sort of twist on news about Honda. Traffic collisions and injuries aren’t light topics, but a safety study from AAA says that Americans’ driving behavior isn’t getting better these days—if anything it’s getting worse—so we’re here to talk about safety again. But here’s the […]

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Honda Readies Fresh Lineup of Four SUV Models for 2015

Somehow, this year became the one to give Honda fans everything we want. We’re on the eve of the Geneva Auto Show where Honda will reveal the Civic Type R teased in the photo above. As you can see, Honda is really going for the “Xtreme” look. The innovative “Other Side” videographic that Honda produced […]

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