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Archive | March, 2014

Odd Traffic Laws from around the Globe

Most of us have experienced the dread of peering into the rear view mirror to see the flashing lights of the boys in blue. Whatever traffic law we violated – speeding, drifting through a stop sign, or failure to signal – at least they are logical, even if the cost of the ticket isn’t. This […]

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Honda Employees in Ohio Sponsor Highway for 20 Years

Honda puts forth efforts to create eco-friendly vehicles and participates in studies that test new innovations in various markets and industries. We at AutoPark Honda are proud to be part of a company that places health before wealth. The Japanese automaker’s focus on the environment is commendable, and it seems that its commitment to cleaning […]

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Honda Reaffirms Its Commitment to Hybrid Tech

After announcing last month that it will no longer produce the Insight hybrid at the end of this year, Honda has issued several press releases to vehemently express its commitment to hybrid technology. Halting the production of the Insight spawned other fears among consumers. The fate of other models, like the CR-Z hybrid hatchback and […]

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U.S. News Releases Best Cars for Families

We live in an age where vehicles have vacuums, high-definition displays, satellite television, surround sound systems, refrigerated spaces, and WiFi access. All of these creature comforts are touted to entice consumers to buy a particular brand and model. This underlines the amount of time that we spend in vehicles, considering all of the features and […]

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