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Honda Employees in Ohio Sponsor Highway for 20 Years

Honda puts forth efforts to create eco-friendly vehicles and participates in studies that test new innovations in various markets and industries. We at AutoPark Honda are proud to be part of a company that places health before wealth. The Japanese automaker’s focus on the environment is commendable, and it seems that its commitment to cleaning up the planet has inspired specific divisions to take even more action.

The Honda employees at Honda Transmission Associates reached an incredible milestone this month. This marks their twentieth year of sponsoring a state route, volunteering their time to keep it free of litter. Ohio’s Department of Transportation District 7 commended the Associates for its unwavering commitment to pick up trash along Ohio 247 in Logan County as part of the state’s Adopt-A-Highway program.

In addition to Ohio 247, the company also adopted portions of Ohio 235, Ohio 708, and Washington Township Road 61, which all surround Honda Transmission Manufacturing.

Randy Fry initially signed the group to its duties, and Chairperson Lee Sanders, Ken Campbell, Julie Preston, and Bob Dunmire are associates who have participated in it the longest. Up to four times per year, these dedicated individuals and twelve others walk along the routes to clean up litter and, on average, collect about twenty-three bags of trash each time.

Congratulations on twenty years of unwavering commitment to the environment!

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