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Odd Traffic Laws from around the Globe

Most of us have experienced the dread of peering into the rear view mirror to see the flashing lights of the boys in blue. Whatever traffic law we violated – speeding, drifting through a stop sign, or failure to signal – at least they are logical, even if the cost of the ticket isn’t. This may sound strange, but we should feel fortunate. All of us could be subjected to these strange traffic laws…


Moscow – A seemingly helpful law to prevent obscured license plates has turned into a ticketing boon for law enforcement. Police can ticket motorists up to 2,000 rubles ($55) for driving a dirty car. That’s right. If your friends can pen “Clean Me” messages through dust on your vehicle, it is in your best interest to immediately clean it.

*Side note: In Moscow, it is illegal to manually wash a car on public property, so drivers must find one of the few car wash facilities to clean up.

Cyprus – You would think that living on an island in the Mediterranean Sea would lead to a peaceful existence; however, law enforcement had to insist on a traffic law to combat angry drivers. Making an obscene gesture with your hands could net you a fine of 25 Euros ($35) because you are “in an irregular position inside the vehicle” that causes your hands to be off the steering wheel “unnecessarily.”

Japan – This nation boasts a rich culture full of traditions. One of the most ingrained facets of its culture is politeness. That’s why the Land of the Rising Sun implemented a traffic law that costs motorists more than $60 for splashing a pedestrian with a puddle.

Manila – Depending on the day of the week and the final digit of your license plate, there are extremely busy districts of this city that you may not use. So, be careful if your plate ends with 1 or 2 because you can receive a fine for driving between 7 AM and 7 PM on Mondays.

Montana – Yes, there are some puzzling traffic laws even in the good ole’ U-S of A. In Montana, it is against the law to place sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone. You can, however, keep it (or them – though that makes it even stranger) inside the passenger cabin sans supervision.


So… Should you see those flashing lights approach and blurt some not-so-nice things, keep in mind that you could have been driving on a prohibited day in a dirty car with a sheep in your truck’s cab after splashing a pedestrian and pointing to laugh. It could be worse.

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