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The Hilarious, Satirical “Fit Kit” from Honda

Honda followed up its #hugs commercial starring Bruce Willis with an April Fool’s ad that easily rivals it.

It was “Honda Hair” advertisement that the Japanese automaker posted online last year for April Fool’s Day. This year, you can relish Honda’s satirical look at do-it-yourself hipsters – moustached, skinny-jeaned, and all.

The “Fit Kit” features a married couple who vehemently express the benefits of participating in the “hand-crafted movement.” They detail the joys of DIY and highlight some of their more recent accomplishments with an enthusiasm that borders on obnoxious. As they explain the process of the Fit Kit, the video switches among various delivery scenes that include trucks and drones. In all, as the couple states, there are 180,000 individual pieces to assemble an all-new 2014 Honda Fit.

Honda scores well with this entertaining and, at times, laugh-out-loud video.

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