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6 Things to Avoid Keeping in Your Car This Summer

Blazing summer heat mixed with air tight spaces can be problematic for a wide range of things. Obviously, you shouldn’t be leaving any living thing inside the hot car. Chocolate will also not fare well, your water bottles will be ready to steep tea, and your leather seats might fry an egg. We’re sure you don’t need the rundown on the most basic items to keep out of your car, but what could you be overlooking? Here are some less obvious items that are not fit for the summer heat.

1. Aerosol Cans

Camping fuel, spray sunscreen, hair spray, bug spray – any type of aerosol can is dangerous in a hot car. Most cans cannot be exposed to heat over 120 degrees, and on the hottest days your car may very well reach those colossal temperatures. Again, explosions are not likely, but try not to test your luck.

2. Disposable lighters

Lighters are devices used to harness the power of fire. Don’t harness that power in your center console.

3. Electronics

Have you ever left your iPhone to bask in the glory of the summer sun? If so, you may have seen the smartphone’s failsafe to disable the phone at high temperatures. This preserves the electronics and also lets you know that you’re iPhone needs some Aloe Vera. Kidding. Unfortunately, not all electronics are created equal, and some can’t tell you they need a break from the summer heat. Best case scenario, they malfunction or break. Worst case scenario, the battery overheats and causes a chemical reaction. Be careful what you leave in your car.

4. Medications

The summer heat can do a real number on prescription medications, so keep them out of the car if you want them to work correctly. This is a pretty serious matter for people who rely on their medications every day, so share this tip with anyone who might benefit from it.

5. Food

Hot food is great. But when that hot food cools down, it’s time to refrigerate. Leaving your lukewarm leftovers in the car for an extended period of time can speed up bacterial growth. If you’re looking to avoid food poisoning, we suggest you refrain from using your car like a microwave.

6. Alcohol

Warm. Beer. No thanks. Ok, so your alcohol warming up is not a drastic issue. It’s not going to explode, or cause you any bodily harm – but it might ruin your barbeque. Keep the alcohol cool, and don’t give a whole new meaning to the drink “Fireball”.

Understand this is not a complete list of things to keep out of your car. More than anything, we want you to be thinking about your own safety, and making your own decisions about what stays and goes. This should just get you started.

With that being said, don’t feel the need to go overboard. The likelihood of something exploding in your car due to heat is pretty low. If any type of unwanted combustion does occur, be sure to bring your car by Autopark Honda and we’ll do our best to clean it up. We’re begging you though, don’t leave flammables in your car.

6 Things to Avoid Keeping in Your Car This Summer was last modified: March 17th, 2022 by Autopark Honda

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