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Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from Your Friends at Honda

If you haven’t ordered your arrangement by now, chances are slim that any local florist will have the time or the resources to help. While a card is nice, your mom deserves a bit more of an effort than a mass-produced three-stanza rhyme. That’s why we are taking a break from our typical blog post to offer some creative ideas compiled from various sources. Ideas that will help you create a gift for Mother’s Day.

Framed Heirloom or Keepsake

There are many items that your mom may have kept over the years. Perhaps she has letters your dad wrote her when they first began dating; or she collected recipe cards handwritten by a grandparent. Regardless of the heirloom or keepsake, you can place the originals in a frame to be hung on your mother’s kitchen wall – or even in the dining room. This will serve as a great conversation starter at holidays or dinner parties.

Basket or Bag – O – Goodies

If your mom maintains a passion for gardening – flowers, plants, vegetables, or herbs – you can place either full-grown items or seeds for planting in a basket, as well as tools that will help her garden during future seasons. This will provide your mom with a lasting gift that she’ll physically see for months, or even years, to come.

Should your mom be more of an ocean-goer, you can utilize a beach bag filled with sunglasses, towels, sunscreen, snacks, and other needed goods for a trip down onto the sand. A gift such as a beach bag will create memories that you may very well be a part of during a family vacation.

Feel free to parlay this idea into creating any basket or bag that relates to your mom’s hobbies or likes.

Tree Limb Photo Ladder

This gift will require some time over the weekend that you can dedicate to crafting and creating.

First, acquire a small, indoor wooden ladder. Go out into the woods or backyard and collect small tree limbs / branches. Attach cross limbs to the side rails with twine (and possibly nails – if needed). Hang framed photographs from the cross rails with twine. You can lean the ladder against a wall or in a corner for display. Should you feel ambitious, hang the photos from the side rails and mount the ladder over top of a sofa, up a staircase, or in a hallway in a horizontal position.

We at AutoPark Honda hope these ideas might inspire some creativity for your Mother’s Day gift.

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