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What Did You Do for Earth Day?

Oh, Earth Day. The single day of the year that people around the globe pledge to accomplish something positive for the planet on which we live. It wields influence. Politicians seeking greater support will clamor for more stringent emissions standards, and the President will likely fulfill a standard his predecessor’s set by planting a tree – all with the media in attendance.

We champion this day, yet tomorrow will herald a return to our routines. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of allowing these efforts to fall by the wayside despite our sincerest interest in cleaning up the environment. That’s why we at Leith want to present some ideas to you; ideas that can help on Earth Day and any other day of the year.

If we commit to one – or several – of these suggestions, our dedication can yield incredible results:

Lights Out

Management may find the most enthusiastic response to this idea. If employees’ tasks can be accomplished at home, allow them a day to relax on the couch while completing the day’s tasks. For every 1,000 kilowatt hours saved, energy bills reduce by $100. We recognize, however, that certain industries and jobs require reporting to an office, so we have an alternative suggestion: turn out the lights, turn off the A/C, and only work wirelessly within the office.


It’s easy! Divide your office by department or teams, and you can reward the team that collects the greatest amount of recyclables. Gift card? Cash? PTO? There are few better ways to celebrate the Earth than by recycling those aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and other materials that would otherwise inundate a waste dump for the next thousand years.


What’s better than saving the Earth, money, and miles on your car? Even if you and a few coworkers agree on a spot to meet, you can save around thirty-two pounds of CO2 per person. A courtesy switch of driver every week could also save each participant a lot of stress.

Sun’n’Fun Potluck Lunch

When the season shifts to warm spring breezes, encourage your company to host an outdoor potluck lunch that utilizes no energy and reusable materials. Everyone can bring his or her own plate and utensils, as well as food that does not require reheating – anything that requires refrigerating should be brought in a cooler to avoid consuming more energy. Before venturing outside for a sunshine filled lunch, turn off the lights and computers for greater savings.

Clean Campus

If you walk around your building – the lawn, parking lot, sidewalks, and alleyways– you’ll likely find litter. Form a group at work of eco-friendly employees who are willing to step outside and pick up that trash. It is a great way to build solidarity among coworkers and clean up your environment.

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