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Honda’s Ads Are As Innovative As Its Vehicles

If you ask Don Draper – following a mid-morning drink, of course – what the purpose of advertising is, he’d likely finish a drag on his cigarette before answering in his curt manner: emotional. Regardless of the means of presentation, an advertisement should evoke a strong feeling. Some brands want to inspire confidence, instill desire, or simply cause a laugh. The automotive industry relies heavily upon the ability of advertising to pique consumers’ interest.

The competitive nature of the automotive industry compels car manufacturers to allocate immense budgets to in-house marketing departments or independent agencies. Using celebrity endorsements, computer-generated graphics, and other strategies, they all vie for our attention – especially during the Super Bowl.

Honda captivated us with its “Cog” advertisement. It is simple in nature, yet complex in its idea. Throughout the commercial, we see moving parts interacting with one another like dominos. Each piece flawlessly performs its function, engaging the next piece to fulfill its intended duty. At the end, we see… Well, watch and you’ll find out.

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