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3 Tips to Help Keep That New Car Smell

Ah, that new car smell. Without it, a new car would not be the same. The scent of a new vehicle carries prestige, opulence, and the air of quality through your nostrils, flooding your olfactory nerves with the fresh smell of excellence. Unfortunately, new cars naturally lose their divine stench over time. It is possible, however, to prolong the new car smell as long as you’re prepared to put a little effort into the care of your vehicle. Below is a quick list of ways to keep your car smelling new that do not include buying an air freshener.

1. Keep the bad odors out

Stronger smells often claim residence in your car and overpower the good smells that we want to keep around. Things like food, gym clothing, cigarettes, or even coffee can dominate the smell of your vehicle and be hard to remove. Keeping these scents from ever taking hold in your vehicle requires regular cleaning, maintenance, and perhaps a slight lifestyle change. If you’re big on takeout, this may be an issue. Try eating out less or keeping the food in the packaging until you make it home. This will help contain the smell and reduce the chance of spills or stains from foods.

2. Vacuum your vehicle

Bust open that piggy bank, grab a few quarters, head to a nearby self-service station, and give your floor boards some love. Doing this will keep any dirt and dust from collecting and will also get those crumbs from last week’s breakfast off your floor board. As an added bonus, it makes your car look great.

3. Wipe down the interior

Wiping down the interior is important for removing any built up grime holding on to those bad odors. If you have leather seats, your car probably came with a distinct odor of leather in addition to the new car smell we’re after. Keep that leather smell in your car for as long as you can by taking care of it. Many great leather conditioners and interior wipes can be found online, but they will also introduce new smells. Make sure whatever you choose to wipe down the car either smells pleasant to you or is lightly scented.

Just making an effort to do these three things will keep your car smelling great for longer. It’s almost like we’re suggesting that keeping your car clean, will ensure it smells nice. Weird, huh? All joking aside, we realize some of you may be too busy to really delve into the cleaning, so don’t hesitate to bring it over to Autopark Honda and have that interior detailed by a professional.

3 Tips to Help Keep That New Car Smell was last modified: March 17th, 2022 by Autopark Honda