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Start Drooling Over the Civic Type R

If you haven’t heard about the Civic Type R that was recently revealed at the Paris Auto Show and the Specialty Equipment Market Show in Las Vegas, you’re missing out. This is one of the most stylish and unique vehicles set to come out in the next few years. Right now, there is very little technical or spec information on the new Civic Type R, but what we do know is drool-worthy.

Bigger Body

One of the most noticeable differences between the prototype Civic Type R that was released and the current version is that the new one has a larger body. The body style is a hatchback, and it’s obvious that the sports car is not going to be put on the same body base as the current model. The front and rear bumpers are significantly larger than previous versions, with extra slats. A widened fender gives the entire car a larger, more aggressive feel. Along with this, the prototype sported 20-inch wheels that are both stylish and bold.

Stylish Exterior

Along with the larger frame, the Civic Type R offers a number of stylish exterior features. The rear spoiler is one of the largest on the market, and is certainly something everyone will notice. The carbon-fiber front spoiler and red headlights are beautiful. You’ll also find a large diffuser in the back and outstanding carbon-fiber side skirts. In the front, you’ll love the fascia featuring extra air intakes to help improve the car’s performance and diamond-patterned mesh inserts. If you’re looking for unique features of the car, don’t forget the triple center exhaust pipes in the back.

Outstanding Interior

While not many of the interior features have been released yet, there are a few we know about. The Civic Type R offers a sporty interior with red accents to make it pop. The prototype features several carbon fiber and aluminum inserts to increase the interior styling. It’s expected that the seating is comfortable and offers a variety of options for drivers and passengers alike. You can expect a large center touch-screen console to keep you informed and entertained during your drive, as well.

Power and Performance

Engine, power, and performance specs have not yet been released. However, you can expect that this car will be at least as good as the current model, if not better. Currently, the Civic Type R offers a 2-liter, four-cylinder engine with 305 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. It’s possible that the newer model will offer better than this, and it’s extremely unlikely to offer lower specs. Some experts have speculated that the Civic Type R will feature as much as 340 horsepower, but again this has not yet been officially announced.

This is the first time the Civic Type R will be available in the United States. While previous models have been making waves in Europe, Honda has not released the car in the U.S. until now. There is no official release date yet, but many car enthusiasts are excitedly awaiting the day they can head to the dealership for this stylish, powerful sports car.

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