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The Cleanest Burning Car in the World: The 2017 Honda Clarity

With recent trends in the automotive industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard of electric and hybrid vehicles. Not only do they save you money on fuel but they also reduce emissions considerably. Although Honda has already entered into these markets, the company has also put together another alternative fuel source car: the 2017 Honda Clarity. Using hydrogen fuel cells, this car is the cleanest-burning car on the road. Here’s just a bit more of what this vehicle has to offer.

How It Works

Without getting into engineering and scientific jargon, the Clarity uses hydrogen fuel cells to power the vehicle. The onboard fuel cell takes the hydrogen from the fuel tank and oxygen from the air to power the electric motor, leaving no emissions other than water, which drains from the exhaust as you drive. With this technology, you can go up to 300 miles on a single tank. Currently, filling stations are relatively scarce, and most of them are in California. However, with help from national and state initiatives, more should pop up soon.

But Isn’t Hydrogen Flammable?

It’s true. Hydrogen is extremely flammable, but Honda has taken the necessary precautions to make sure your ride doesn’t turn into the Hindenburg. The fuel tanks are connected securely┬áto the frame to ensure the car’s safety. The tanks are also located near the rear of the vehicle, so if you’re ever in an accident, you don’t have to worry about an imminent explosion. All in all, this car is as safe as any gasoline-powered or electric vehicle on the road.

The Exterior

One problem that critics cite about electric and hybrid vehicles is that they aren’t attractive. It’s almost as if you’re bragging if you drive one, as they have distinctive styling that you either love or hate. The Clarity breaks the mold, looking like any other gasoline car on the road but with styling you’ll enjoy. The outside has striking curves, high-intensity LED tail and headlights, and a sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum body that improves fuel economy. Plus, you have your choice of three colors, including Bordeaux Red, White Orchid, and Crystal Black.

The Interior

Inside, the Clarity comes loaded with all kinds of gadgets and is incredibly roomy, even by normal four-door standards. Five adults can sit in the car comfortably, with plenty of headroom and legroom. On the dashboard, the Clarity sports a heads-up display that tells you how fast you’re going without looking down, as well as a futuristic instrument cluster.

For comfort’s sake, the vehicle has premium soft-touch seats and fabric. The trunk is also ample, easily housing up to three sets of golf clubs. If you are going for an outing, you’ll revel in the standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, which provide navigation, music, and other apps right at your fingertips.

While it’s still unclear just how many of these vehicles Honda will make in 2017 or beyond, it’s an innovative, fresh idea that everyone can get behind. With the Clarity, the future is now.

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