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What Are Your Squealing Brakes Trying to Tell You?

Noisy Brakes?

Brakes can be noisy for lots of reasons, and some are more serious than others. We’re going to break these noises down into three Categories: the squeak, squeal, and grind – Sounds like a Broadway play where a family of struggling sewer mice open their own coffee shop. “These are aRATica beans people!” We’ll write that down.

The Squeak

Usually, the squeak in your brakes isn’t something to fret over. The squeak is an inconsistent, and pretty unthreatening sound. If you step on your brakes and there is a small noise that doesn’t always happen, there’s probably nothing to be worried about. This can be caused by a number of factors. A squeak in your brakes might just mean they’re dusty, sandy, or wet. Cold weather can also cause brakes to squeak,  so if you hear some intermittent noise when you brake, don’t sweat it.

The Squeal

If you step on your brakes and they wail until you come to a complete stop, you’ve got a squeal. The squeal comes about when your brake pads are almost completely worn down. This is built in by manufacturers to alert drivers that they need to replace their brakes. Your brakes can function fine for some time with the squeal, but we don’t recommend putting this off. If not taken care of, it leads to the grind.

The Grind

The last and most important brake noise to be aware of is the sound of grinding metal. You won’t only hear it, you’ll feel it. When the brakes are grinding, it means your brake pads have completely worn away and you are grinding the calipers onto your brake disc. This can be very damaging to the braking components and could cost you much more than just replacing the brake pads. Do not ignore this!

Think you’re hearing any of these noises? Come by the Autopark Honda service department and let our mechanics have a look. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you.

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