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Spring Pollen Protection Guidelines

Though the wintry weather finally transitioned to mild breezes and sunshine, another nuisance arises to succeed dastardly road salts: pollen. This problematic consequence of springtime triggers more damage than most likely expect. The microbes of pollen are not only viscous and barbed, they are also acidic. These properties can ruin a vehicle’s paint, as well […]

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The Hilarious, Satirical “Fit Kit” from Honda

Honda followed up its #hugs commercial starring Bruce Willis with an April Fool’s ad that easily rivals it. It was “Honda Hair” advertisement that the Japanese automaker posted online last year for April Fool’s Day. This year, you can relish Honda’s satirical look at do-it-yourself hipsters – moustached, skinny-jeaned, and all. The “Fit Kit” features […]

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