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5 Tips for Special Ordering Your New Honda

Businesses who need vehicles in a specific color or with certain features across the board are the most common source of special orders. But individuals with precise needs might find them necessary as well. If you’ve never special ordered a Honda before, don’t worry. Read on to see the important tips for special ordering.

Why It Exists

Automakers make cars in certain colors, feature combinations, trim levels, etc. based on their projected sales and popularity. This means that a large portion of vehicles produced is only in one or two of the numerous color choices, and they will all be the same base trim level. It might not be long before all of a particular combination is gone, not available even out-of-state. Hence comes the need for special ordering.

You Need A Dealer

In most instances, you can perform a special order with the help of an automotive dealer, who uses leverage to get the car for less. The lower they can get it for, the lower they can sell it to you for, after all. It’s also generally advised because you’ll have someone to answer any questions about certain features, whether you should choose a certain trim level, etc. These things can be even harder to know without test driving a car on the lot, so please don’t try to go at it alone.

Quarterly Timing

Honda’s sales process is chiefly done in quarterly bursts, as in four times a year. You would have to be happy with getting the vehicle at one of these intervals, since it would have to be ordered and delivered by the next quarter. However, this won’t affect the wait that much longer than when special ordering from other automakers. Just expect a slightly longer wait in exchange for better quality and value.

It’s for the Latest Models

Special ordering is an expensive process, offered to potential buyers to give them the options they need. As a result, it’s typically only available for the latest models, going back only about a year. Around now, you would be able to special order 2016 and 2017 vehicles, but nothing older. Car value drops too much with the passing years, which makes special ordering unprofitable if the vehicle is not new.

Honda’s Perfect for It

If you’re going to special order a car, Honda is the automaker to choose. Their latest step to improve their service even further is a technology called APEX, which stands for Allocation Preferencing and Exchange. Five years in the making with cooperation from dealers, the system allows the dealers to customize the specifications of a model more easily before it’s built, as well as to swap parts among other retailers who are networked together. This makes it much simpler for dealers like us to find what you need, even if it’s not in North Carolina.

Special ordering is definitely easy with Honda, but it’s not for everyone, either. Whatever your needs, we’re dedicated to getting you a Honda you’ll love and rely on for years.

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