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Honda Fit | Autopark Honda Cary, NC

3 Most Fuel Efficient Hondas

If you’re shopping for a new car, fuel efficiency is probably one of your concerns. Luckily, the Honda brand gives you plenty of choices by offering vehicles that look great, have lots of features, and use fuel sparingly. Keep reading to learn about some of the cars that should definitely be on your list of […]

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Honda Clarity | Autopark Honda Cary, NC

Facts About Honda’s Alternate Fuel Vehicles

As a manufacturer that prides itself on innovation and being at the forefront of revolutions in automotive technology, it’s no surprise that Honda is leading the way in seeking to develop cars that protect the environment instead of damaging it. Honda¬†has been working tirelessly toward a future that involves motor vehicles with zero carbon emissions, […]

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Honda Technology | Honda Dealer Cary, NC | Autopark Honda

Honda’s New Safe Swarm Technology Under the Microscope

You might have heard recently that Honda has a new Safe Swarm technology it’s implementing in upcoming vehicles. Specifically, Safe Swarm is a new way to improve autonomous driving, and every major automaker is trying to get into the self-driving car market with its own selling point. It looks like Honda’s contribution through Safe Swarm […]

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Sell Your Car Quick Handing the Keys Over

4 Best Ways to Sell Your Car Fast

If you’re considering selling your car, there are many aspects of selling you need to contemplate. You need to decide on a price, where you’re going to advertise, and more. Luckily, there are some tips you can follow to help sell your car quickly and for a price you can afford to take. Trade to […]

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2017 Honda fit

3 Non-Hybrid Hondas With Great Gas Mileage

So you don’t want to invest in a hybrid, but you really hate paying an arm and a leg at the pump? Well, luckily for you, in addition to the phenomenal hybrids Honda crafts, the automaker¬†produces several other fuel-efficient vehicles that aim to save you time and money while you rush around checking off tasks […]

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