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What’s New With the 2017 Ridgeline?

2017 is an exciting time for pickup drivers and truck enthusiasts alike. With the latest innovations from your favorite makes, you are sure to find the perfect truck for your specific needs. After a two-year hiatus, the all-new Honda Ridgeline will be the new kid on the block, and this truck is built to impress. […]

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Honda Goes High-Tech: 5 Coolest Android Auto Features

Android Auto is an app that you can download from the Google Play store that allows for you to mirror your phone’s screen on your Honda’s in-dash display. With this integrated system, you can access all of your favorite apps more safely and efficiently when in your car. The following are the top five Android […]

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The Cleanest Burning Car in the World: The 2017 Honda Clarity

With recent trends in the automotive industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard of electric and hybrid vehicles. Not only do they save you money on fuel but they also reduce emissions considerably. Although Honda has already entered into these markets, the company has also put together another alternative fuel source car: the 2017 Honda Clarity. Using hydrogen […]

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Why You Should Have Your Tires Serviced

The tires are some of the hardest working parts of any vehicle. Because they’re such an important part of ensuring you stay safe on the road, it’s crucial that you maintain your tires and replace them when they’re too worn. At the same time, buying four tires at once is an expensive proposition, so you […]

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