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A Feast of Good News for the Honda Brand

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In our weekly tasks of finding relevant information for the Honda brand, we can encounter a dearth or inundation of articles and press releases – the proverbial “feast or famine.” This week offered a smorgasbord of updates from different sources praising the work of Honda’s engineers. The assemblage of these articles creates a more comprehensive picture of the direction the company is headed.

From reducing emissions during production to maximizing features for its models, Honda has clearly kept busy maintaining its high standards. These standards have afforded the company a reputation of being an innovator of cost-efficient, high-tech vehicles with broad appeal. The lineup ranges from the highly-reliable Accord to the extreme performance of the Civic Type R (hopefully to be available in the U.S. in coming years).


Here is what other automotive professionals have to say about Honda


Kelley Blue Book is the most credible source for valuing vehicles based upon many criteria. It maintains considerable weight in our industry thanks to its unbiased look at the quality of manufacturing, safety ratings, value retention, brand reputation, and other factors. A recent article posted on its website reads “2014 Honda Accord: It’s Good to be the King”: an enthusiastic look at how the Accord merits its spot as one of the best all-around vehicles on the market today.

“Overall, the 2014 Honda Accord EX consistently proved throughout the course of this test that it deserves to sit at the top of the midsize sedan segment. Whether it’s the frugal powertrain, comfortable and roomy interior, or the cavernous trunk, the Accord is a solid package,” says KBB. The entire review can be read here.


C|Net reports on some of the best technologies across multiple industries. It delved into the release of the newest iteration of the Honda Civic Type R. One of the reasons this car garnered so much attention in the past few months is that the CEO of Honda, Takanobu Ito, promised that it would be the fastest front-wheel drive vehicle in the Nurburgring. The CTR’s prolonged gestation occurred as a result of other automaker’s installing turbochargers – an addition Honda has traditionally shunned in order to keep its vehicles’ natural aspiration.

In the article, the writer cites one of Honda’s chief stylists, Masaru Hasagawa, as stating that the “Civic Type R concept is not a high performance road car, it’s a racing car for the road.”

To learn more about the 2015 Honda Civic Type R, check out C|Net’s article.


USA Today published an article on its website that referred to a Fortune list of the best green brands. It came as no surprise to us that Honda earned the fourth spot for its many efforts in reducing emissions in its vehicles and manufacturing process. The list is an aggregate of Interbrand’s annual report of the world’s most valuable brands, environmental efforts as measured by Deloitte, and Interbrand’s survey of public perception of companies. You can get more information, including the full list, by checking out the article here.

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