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Where Everybody is a Somebody

Our team at AutoPark Honda realizes that reputation is king – and we all make a concerted effort to contribute in building a positive reputation. Management meticulously selects only the most qualified and diligent candidates to become the faces of our dealership. The process of maintaining our stellar reputation begins when you walk onto the lot and ends when … Well, it never ends. We have a sense of excellence deeply embedded in our company’s culture. It’s the Honda way.

Take one of our more recent customers, Mr. Paul Niswonger. He worked with our staff while determining what (and where) to make a purchase. Here is the testimonial in full – You may also dozens of other positive testimonials.

“I … visited four dealerships, three being Honda dealerships, over a three-week period. We visited your dealership three times before making a decision.”

While we remain completely confident that you’ll choose to work with us, we never dissuade customers from looking at all options. It’s not our style. Purchasing a new (or pre-owned) vehicle is an important investment, and we will work with you to feel confident in knowing that Honda is your best choice – without sales pitches and tactics.

“He [Craig] wasn’t too pushy and didn’t try to oversell us. He listened to what we were looking for and made it work for us. My wife and I both can be very forward and impatient at times, but he handled us very well.”

We have heard the horror stories. We know what lurks in the dark corners of some dealerships. At AutoPark Honda, our team has no golems. Our staff knows how stressful the car buying experience can be, so every effort is made to ensure that you drive away with savings, a satisfying purchase, and a favorable opinion of us. What’s that, Paul?

“I am a hotel executive and understand how hard it is to find great service oriented employees who know how to make ‘everybody’ feel like a ‘somebody’.”


We welcome any and all to come check out the vehicles, specials, and staff here at AutoPark Honda.

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