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Honda Has Solutions: HondaLink App


We are immersed in a world of technology and a culture that champions it. These devices and software programs, though helpful, can often cause distractions in a variety of environments. Whether it is texting, social media updates, funny videos, or navigation, we have every comfort and piece of entertainment at our fingertips.

Luckily for those of us fortunate enough to drive a Honda, our favorite manufacturer has developed a solution that makes road navigation convenient and less dangerous. It is the HondaLink application.

Honda’s models that boast a Display Audio feature, including all 2014 Civics above LX, can be used to integrate your iPhone’s navigation and reimage it across the LCD screen – with interface controls similar to smartphones: swipe and pinch.

The HondaLink application, though currently available only for iPhone 5 users, is expected to be revised for Android and previous iPhone models by next year.

The application displays crisp street guidance, live traffic updates, search capabilities, and online weather, as well as maintains access to podcasts, Aha Radio, and the vehicle’s manual. No longer do you have to endanger yourself, your family or friends, or others on the road by relying on your smartphone’s navigation display.

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