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Honda Releases Stellar Environmental Report

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For the ninth consecutive year, Honda released its annual North American Environmental Report to illustrate the progress the automaker made to reduce its environmental fingerprint. The extensive report also includes other efforts, such as waste reduction, resource conservation and energy efficiency improvement between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013.

The report is available now for viewing and downloading. You may find it linked here: 2013 Honda North American Environmental Report.

A large portion of the report focuses on automobile production, shipment and fuel economy. In fact, Honda boasts an increase of 9.5% for Honda and Acura automobiles’ fuel economy, bringing the median of its fleet to 26.4 miles per gallon; furthermore, it reduced CO2 emissions from auto production, product shipments, and service parts shipments by, on average, more than 10%. These accomplishments all fall within the operations and services in the United States.

Here are some other 2013 North American Environmental Report Highlights:

1. Honda launched a new Accord with innovative Earth Dreams Technology, which greatly enhances fuel efficiency and performance.

2. Honda championed “green logistics” programs to avoid more than 4.3 million miles of truck transportation, as well as approximately 6.7 million pounds of CO2 emissions that would’ve resulted from transporting mass produced parts.

3. Honda fulfilled its commitment to send less than 1% of manufacturing operations’ waste to landfills.

4. American Honda boasts ZERO waste-to-landfill for one-third of its parts distribution facilities in the United States; more than 95% of waste materials were reduced, reused, or recycled.

5. Honda partnered with solar installer Solarcity to establish a $65 million fund to assist homeowners and dealerships in the United States adopt more affordable solar power.

These impressive efforts are merely a fraction of all that Honda does to improve your quality of life, not just in your vehicle but in the world.

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