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Honda’s Virtual Tour of Route 66

We often take to ascribing things we love as “American.” Our families even have sayings that capture the essence of this patriotism. Think apple pie. Many products and innovations have been made in this nation, so how does something become a focal point – a representative, even – of the American culture?

Music is often our answer. Songs have the power to influence emotions, evoking a range of feelings. When a particular song or set of lyrics possesses the intangibles to transcend generations and demographics, it creates an aura regarding its topic. Even something as simple as a highway can denote some sort of importance.

Nat King Cole, the Rolling Stones, and Diana Krall have all performed a classic song about a historical highway route. It stretches hundreds of miles across America, provides dozens of roadside oddities and sights-to-see, and seamlessly melds the mundane with the sublime. It is truly one of a kind.

Route 66

Honda just released a website that offers a virtual experience of traveling across the whole of Route 66 in one of the world’s most advanced cars, the Honda Accord Hybrid. There is even a wonderfully developed tagline: “Start something memorable.”

This is a scrolling experience, so you can adjust how quickly you move and where you stop. It is an extremely colorful and visually striking journey that begins in Illinois. As the towns and notable roadside stops swoosh by, the tour also incorporates interesting facts regarding the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid: such as its Engine Drive (pure gasoline), EV Drive (100% electric), and Hybrid Drive (combining). What is most interesting is the Accord naturally switches among these three modes of driving depending upon conditions and your driving habits.

As you reach more spirited terrain, highlighted by sharp curves and cresting hills, Honda releases more information regarding its Accord’s features and options, including Forward Collision Warning, Honda LaneWatch, and Lane Departure Warning. These, of course, would be effective resources while driving through such road conditions.

Upon reaching the Southwest, Honda places particular emphasis on its infotainment system that comes standard with navigation and touch-screen audio display. We also enjoy a tour of its gorgeous, sculpted exterior and plush interior as part of the journey. As 2,451 miles, we come to the end of Route 66 at the Californian coast.

We found this journey quite innovative, and it perfectly combines visually striking images with relevant information about the Honda Accord Hybrid. You can check it out here.

If you’re interested in an Accord, or any of Honda’s great models, please do not hesitate to contact us at comments@leithmail.com or stop by AutoPark Honda to speak with one of the knowledgeable members of our staff!

Oh, and here’s the Rolling Stones’ version of “Route 66.” Enjoy!

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