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Kelley Blue Book Says 2015 Honda Civic Best Small Car to Buy


One of the end-of-the-year stories that got lost in the shuffle was Kelley Blue Book, that nice old gentleman, naming the Civic as the Best Small Car to Buy in 2015. We’ve decided to post our written response here for your inspection, though it’s too late if you have any suggestions—we’ve already hit send.

Dear Mr. Book,

Happy New Year! Hope all is well with you and yours. Received your Polaroid; Mrs. Book looks spry.

Am so glad to hear your recommendation re: the Civic. At first we thought you were making a political joke. Har har! Just kidding. A lot of people down here in North Carolina love the Civic, just as we’re sure they do wherever you are. Where do you live anyway? That’s the thing about email: we don’t know where it’s going.

In any case, we couldn’t agree more about the things you and the missus like about the Civic: keeps its value well, rarely needs more than ab [sic] oil change, can be driven into the ground, refined interior, modern tech as standard features, fuel efficient, lively, etc.

One thing we wish you’d mentioned was the time you took your son to college and got all the way home before realizing his iron was in the trunk. Ha! And you drove all the way back to give a college kid an iron. That’s the kind of thing we think of. Long drives make sense at the time.

Of course, there are seven different kinds of Civics [insert more political jokes here]. We get why you want to explain to people all the different features, bells, whistles, etc. If we can make a suggestion? Point them to the website. Once people do the reading for themselves, they’ll be ready to be shown the stuff in person.

Anyway, have been avoiding laundry all year (he he) so must finally get to it. Thanks again and see you soon.

-Autopark Honda

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