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It’s Time to Get (a) Fit with the Honda Fit Challenge

The automotive industry has a well-established reputation for innovative marketing campaigns. Like a group of adolescent boys trying to impress the lead cheerleader, brands compete to engage consumers for the dual purpose of entertaining and informing. Some of these marketing efforts gain traction among their targeted audiences – others are not quite so fortunate.

Honda recently launched the Fit Challenge, which, as just one facet of the campaign, tasks participants with virtual parallel parking. The game’s design is quite reminiscent of classic 1980s video games, like Super Mario Brothers, with basic controls and crude graphics. That is, however, the charming characteristic of the game and likely why it has been so successful (aside from the fact that you can win a trip to Los Angeles and a 2015 Fit). The coupling of prizes and pathos will always be a potent formula.

Honda’s Fit Challenge offers eight levels of increasing difficulty of parallel parking, and you must successfully park the pixelated vehicle before the next level unlocks. You earn points by completing each level in the quickest possible time. Along the way, Honda offers “Fit Facts” that detail various features and options available in the model.

At any point in time, you can opt to enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win the trip to L.A. in July. It is in sunny southern California where the true challenge begins. The lucky participants will attempt to parallel park an actual 2015 Honda Fit for a chance to win an all-new model. Just as is true in Highlander, “there can be only one.”

If you fancy yourself a terrific driver – and parallel parker – or if you even just want a break from the monotony of the day, go to the Honda Fit Challenge website for the sweepstakes and the game. Be sure to let us know how many points you earn, and we can post your scores on our social media outlets!

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