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Today Begins the 9th Annual SPARKcon

Fact: We seek ways to feel proud about the cities in which our families and friends live. Whether our fellow urbanites celebrate local sports teams, cultural districts, festivals, et cetera, there exists some championed qualities that cultivate an identity.

A metropolis like New York City or Chicago already has an identity based upon its rich history intermingled with outlets for classic and modern appetites: burlesque shows to tech conventions – and every conceivable thing in between. Burgeoning cities like Raleigh work toward establishing an identity amid rapid growth. Councils, organizations, philanthropists, donors, and volunteers cluster together based upon their predilections and create something.

Raleigh, North Carolina, recently became exceptionally adept at closing the gap between it and other “more cultural” centers around the United States. With hubs like HQ Raleigh that welcome start-up companies to the Visual Art Exchange that foster creative artistry, there’s plenty in the Tar Heel state’s capital to celebrate. Though this is its 9th annual event, SPARKcon is one of those reasons to take delight for living in The City of Oaks.

Thursday, September 11th through Sunday, September 14th, downtown Raleigh will host another SPARKcon, a multifaceted exhibition of creative talents. Attendees can enjoy art, music, film, fashion, dance, comedy, and so much more from dozens of local and regional artists. Across four days and among more than twenty venues, SPARKcon extols the value of local artists and the act of fostering creativity.

You can look at the full schedule of events here. The website offers links to specify activities based upon location and category, as well as provides a detailed description.

We at Autopark Honda encourage you to support the local arts, so we hope that you’ll join us in attending at least one day of this four-day extravaganza. You may also find more information on how to donate to the local arts via the United Arts Council.

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