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Honda Nearly Sweeps The One Club’s “Best of” Ads List

With more than two weeks of 2014 already gone, we will likely begin watching “Best of” lists make their way onto websites, social media feeds, and television programming. Each year at the North American International Auto Show, The One Club announces winners for the best automotive advertisements of the previous year, which is comprised of five categories: Broadcast TV, Online Video, Interactive, Experiential Advertising, and Print-Outdoor. In a near sweep of the 5 categories, Honda can not only boast about the success of its prototypes and concepts, it can also celebrate its marketing department for a job clearly well done.

Here are the awards:

“Honda Hands” took the premiere spot for its creative method to demonstrate – well – their creativity. In this Broadcast TV winner, two hands quickly manipulate an object to take various forms that range from a lawnmower to a small jet engine.

The second award, Online Video, also went to Honda. In this Japanese-based advertisement titled “Sounds of Honda / Ayrton Senna,” the Japanese automaker set out to recreate the world record qualifying lap for the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix set by Senna. In the ad, an entire telemetry system was setup across the track to recreate the sound of the Formula 1 car’s engine and accompanied by a timed LED light setup around the driving line.

The final video is our favorite, and, coincidentally, is the Public Choice award. The video features a CR-V with a 1.6-liter D-TEC Earth Dreams diesel, and it illustrates how things aren’t merely an illusion (like our fuel efficient SUV).

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Oh, and for those unaware, The One Club is the world’s foremost non-profit organization for the recognition and promotion of excellence in advertising.

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