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Honda Will Add to Its American Lineup in 2015

In all of the bustle of covering automotive news, some stories temporarily slip through the cracks. We at AutoPark Honda would be terribly remiss if we didn’t inform you of an exciting announcement from your favorite automaker. Honda, at the recent New York Auto Show, confirmed that a new model will reach American showroom floors […]

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Honda Partners with Google for Cool Innovations

Honda and Google have partnered to incorporate Android operating systems into their vehicles for 2014. An entire group, named the Open Auto Alliance, includes three other auto-manufacturers and chipmaker Nvidia. The aim is to couple Android’s prevalent use and application support with unique customization and adaptability. The announcement was made on the opening day of […]

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2014: End of Section 179 Tax Deductions

The approaching New Year heralds major changes for small business tax deductions. Section 179, a much lauded federal government initiative, expires on December 31st, 2013. This specific section of the Stimulus Bill introduced in 2008 encourages small business owners to invest in their own companies. It provides the extra incentive of a full deduction during […]

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Worried about Your Windshield in Winter Weather?

It is that time of year! The holiday season is in full swing, including winter weather: familiar jingles, colorful lights, crackling fireplaces, friendly faces – oh, and frosted windshields. Falling temperatures have car owners scouring the Internet for methods to prevent or remove icing from windshields. We spoke with our service department experts to compile […]

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Honda Has Solutions: HondaLink App

Distractions. We are immersed in a world of technology and a culture that champions it. These devices and software programs, though helpful, can often cause distractions in a variety of environments. Whether it is texting, social media updates, funny videos, or navigation, we have every comfort and piece of entertainment at our fingertips. Luckily for […]

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