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Tips for a Clean and Tidy Garage

When driving your Honda Odyssey, the cleanliness and organization of the garage can make the difference between being able to park inside or leaving your vehicle out in the rain. We at AutoPark Honda think that it is important to impart some of our knowledge amassed from years in the auto industry that will keep your garage neat and tidy.


One of the most time-consuming tasks in a garage is moving around equipment, tools, and furniture. When everything is put in place, most people typically do not want the burdensome task of relocating it all. This often leads to clutter and disorganization, which is never good in a domestic or commercial setting. Placing caster wheels on a full range of items – from barstools to drill presses – can eliminate the difficulty in rearranging your garage. These particular wheels offer the safety measure of solid locks to keep it in place when you do not want it to move.

Wall-Mounts / Anchors

Toolboxes are the most popular item that people mount in the garage. They are, however, not the only thing that can be placed on the wall to make room. Industrial hooks can be anchored into the wall for the purpose of holding equipment that ranges from hammers and wrenches to lawnmowers. It all depends upon the strength of the hook and where it is anchored. This strategy opens up floor space and provides a designated spot for equipment and tools.

Epoxy Floors

If cleanliness is important to you, then you may want to consider epoxy floor paint. This material makes a great surface for easily removing oil and grease stains. While this may not contribute to removing potential clutter, it does make the garage more visually appealing with its immaculate, lustrous appearance. Some have reported that it becomes slippery when wet or covered in snow.

Reused Kitchen Cabinets

Throughout the year, people are remodeling their homes. The kitchen is often the room in which people begin remodeling projects. These cabinets are perfect for any garage, considering the amount of drawers and cabinet doors for storage space. Tools, parts, and other miscellaneous items can be stored in an orderly and easy-to-find manner. Manageability is the key for successfully keeping a clean garage.

If you think our practices of organizing are impressive, you should come down to AutoPark Honda to see how we can help you find a new car. Our fantastic brand ambassadors are waiting!

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