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Honda Teases Civic Type R Concept Prior to Geneva Motor Show

Automakers maintain the perspective that every auto show is like the SuperBowl. They plan, prepare, and execute their designs with the hope that the juice is worth the squeeze. In the meantime, we wait with bated breath while the concept goes through revisions until a consensus is reached, only to be teased through a video, a press release, or, in this case, a sketch.

Ahead of the Geneva Motor Show in March, Honda released a rendering of the 2015 Honda Civic Type R concept. The sketch focuses on the rear of the car, which may indicate where most changes from the Civic Type R prototype occur. Widened rear fascia and extended wheel-wells add a bulkier, muscular look that distinguishes it from the rather diminutive Civic; a high-finned spoiler incorporates the tail lamps for a very Tron-esque futuristic appearance. Very cool stuff.

Unfortunately, like its predecessor, this Civic Type R will not be offered in the U.S. market. The platform upon which this model is designed finds its roots in engineering for European roads. Despite the limited sales, it is a strong signal for the direction in which Honda intends to take its designs for future models.

As the Geneva Motor Show gets underway on March 4th, we will be sure to provide coverage about all Honda announcements. Stay tuned!

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